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@Autowired bean is null when referenced in the constructor of another bean- Stack Overflow

Java PingBook 1 months ago (10-23) 13 0


Shown below is a snippet of code where I try and reference my ApplicationProperties bean. When I reference it from the constructor it is null, but when referenced from another method it is fine. Up until now I have not had no problem using this autowired bean in other classes. But this is the first time I have tried to use it in the constructor of another class.

In the code snippet below applicationProperties is null when called from the constructor but when referenced in the convert method it is not. What am I missing

public class DocumentManager implements IDocumentManager {

private Log logger = LogFactory.getLog(this.getClass());
private OfficeManager officeManager = null;
private ConverterService converterService = null;

private IApplicationProperties applicationProperties;

// If I try and use the Autowired applicationProperties bean in the constructor
// it is null ?

public DocumentManager() {

private void startOOServer() {
if (applicationProperties != null) {
if (applicationProperties.getStartOOServer()) {
try {
if (this.officeManager == null) {
this.officeManager = new DefaultOfficeManagerConfiguration()
this.converterService = new ConverterService(this.officeManager);
} catch (Throwable e){

public byte[] convert(byte[] inputData, String sourceExtension, String targetExtension) {
byte[] result = null;


Below is s snippet from ApplicationProperties …

public class ApplicationProperties implements IApplicationProperties {

/* Use the appProperties bean defined in WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml
* which in turn uses resources/server.properties
private Properties appProperties;

public Boolean getStartOOServer() {
String val = appProperties.getProperty(“startOOServer”, “false”);
if( val == null ) return false;
val = val.trim();
return val.equalsIgnoreCase(“true”) || val.equalsIgnoreCase(“on”) || val.equalsIgnoreCase(“yes”);


Autowiring (link from Dunes comment) happens after the construction of an object. Therefore they will not be set until after the constructor has completed.

If you need to run some initialization code, you should be able to pull the code in the constructor into a method, and annotate that method with @PostConstruct.

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