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How to read values from properties file?- Stack Overflow

Java PingBook 1 months ago (10-23) 12 0


I am using spring. I need to read values from properties file. This is internal properties file not the external properties file. Properties file can be as below.

some.properties —file name. values are below.

abc = abc
def = dsd
ghi = weds
jil = sdd

I need to read those values from the properties file not in traditional way. How to achieve it? Is there any latest approach with spring 3.0?


Configure PropertyPlaceholder in your context:

Then you refer to the properties in your beans:

class MyClass {
private String[] myValues;

EDIT: updated the code to parse property with mutliple comma-separated values:


If that doesnt work, you can define a bean with properties, inject and process it manually:


and the bean:

class MyClass {
private Properties myProperties;

public void init() {
// do whatever you need with properties

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