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Link to Flask static files with url_for- Stack Overflow

Python PingBook 1 months ago (10-23) 12 0


How do you use url_for in Flask to reference a file in a folder? For example, I have some static files in the static folder, some of which may be in subfolders such as static/bootstrap.

When I try to serve a file from static/bootstrap, I get an error.

I can reference files that aren’t in subfolders with this, which works.

What is the correct way to reference static files with url_for? How do I use url_for to generate urls to static files at any level?


You have by default the static endpoint for static files. Also Flask application has the following arguments:

static_url_path: can be used to specify a different path for the static files on the web. Defaults to the name of the static_folder folder.

static_folder: the folder with static files that should be served at static_url_path. Defaults to the ‘static’ folder in the root path of the application.

It means that the filename argument will take a relative path to your file in static_folder and convert it to a relative path combined with static_url_default:

url_for(‘static’, filename=’path/to/file’)

will convert the file path from static_folder/path/to/file to the url path static_url_default/path/to/file.

So if you want to get files from the static/bootstrap folder you use this code:

Which will be converted to (using default settings):

Also look at url_for documentation.

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