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Q: Npm start deletes new files from .nuxt – Stack Overflow

Vue PingBook 1 months ago (10-23) 22 0


Whenever I run “npm start” it always deletes, and even “reset” files, that I add in my .nuxt folder. As in, when I add, as an example, a new component in the .nuxt > “components” folder, press CTRL + C in cmd to stop the server and then restart running “npm start”, it always “resets” the .nuxt folder to its initial/install state. Why is this happening?
I am using “FeathersJS” for backend and “NuxtJS” for frontend.


“scripts”: {
“test”: “npm run eslint && npm run mocha”,
“eslint”: “eslint src/. test/. –config .eslintrc.js”,
“build”: “nuxt build”,
“dev”: “SET DEBUG=nuxt:* && nodemon –watch src/ –watch config/ src/index.js”,
“prestart”: “npm run build”,
“start”: “SET NODE_ENV=production && nodemon src/”,
“mocha”: “mocha test/ –recursive”


I have found my own solution now. The solution can be found here, for future reference: https://github.com/fexell/FeathersJS-NuxtJS

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