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Reference template variable within Jinja expression- Stack Overflow

Python PingBook 1 months ago (10-23) 17 0


I have a route defined like this:

def moremagic(filename):

And now in a template I want to call that route using url_for() like so:

you uploaded {{ name }}

‘) }}”>Click to see magic happen

I have tried:

Click to see magic happen

That throws a jinja2.TemplateSyntaxError: expected token ‘:’ got }

Can anyone suggest how to get the {{ name }} that appears in the template into the url_for() so that when I click I call the correct app.route?


Everything inside the {{ … }} is a Python-like expression. You don’t need to use another {{ … }} inside that to reference variables.

Drop the extra brackets:

you uploaded {{ name }}

Click to see magic happen

(Note that the url_for() function takes the endpoint name, not a URL path; the name defaults to the name of the function, moremagic in your example).

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