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@Resource vs @Autowired- Stack Overflow

Java PingBook 2 months ago (10-23) 16 0


Which annotation, @Resource (jsr250) or @Autowired (Spring-specific) should I use in DI?

I have successfully used both in the past, @Resource(name=”blah”) and @Autowired @Qualifier(“blah”)

My instinct is to stick with the @Resource tag since it’s been ratified by the jsr people.
Anyone has strong thoughts on this?


In spring pre-3.0 it doesn’t matter which one.

In spring 3.0 there’s support for the standard (JSR-330) annotation @javax.inject.Inject – use it, with a combination of @Qualifier. Note that spring now also supports the @javax.inject.Qualifier meta-annotation:

public @interface YourQualifier {}

So you can have


public class SomeBean implements Foo { .. }

And then:

@Inject @YourQualifier private Foo foo;

This makes less use of String-names, which can be misspelled and are harder to maintain.

As for the original question: both, without specifying any attributes of the annotation, perform injection by type. The difference is:

@Resource allows you to specify a name of the injected bean
@Autowired allows you to mark it as non-mandatory.

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