• Now all data be ready for publish, We had made our blog alive now. Haha.

  • These days CCP GFW blocked all the IPs from US and when I switch my IP in google Cloud, the disk data cannot be restore again. I have to restart my blog totally, Now the website is still building…

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参考: https://www.jianshu.com/p/4c236d83ea04 , 推荐: AES/DES加密解密 目前主流的加密方式有:(对称加密)AES、DES (非对称加密)RSA、DSA , 参考文档: https://blog.csdn.net/lbit20131014/article/details/81868720 AES(……

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Vue-videojs7 play m3u8 using vue and videojs7 easily

vue-videojs7 A vue video.js7 plugin, so you can play hls video(m3u8 format) within html5 easily forked from : https://github.com/surmon-china/vue-video-player Demo Example Demo f……

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